by Sailor's Mouth

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Town was recorded during the months of March and April of 2013.


released June 12, 2013

recorded/mixed/mastered in Doc's Basement by Will Melones
William also played the bass, as we did not have a bassist at the time. Will is a bass wizard.
Ryan Orr helped immensely with the drunken bar vocals on Filter.


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Sailor's Mouth Maryland

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Track Name: Filter
Sigh soft
Pulling out my teeth to walk along
I've been slashing my own tires just so I can't leave home
As you burn your cigarettes to the filter
I thought the recluse life was the one for me
(Please don't do this to yourself)
The TV has been talking me to sleep
(I can't be around you bring me down)
As you burn your cigarettes to the filter
(You kept too close for me to breathe)
I keep shotguns in my mouth
The trigger in and the barrel out
Please don't take me seriously
Track Name: Trees
This house is overgrown and the branches won't let me go
As a killer waits outside my door
He knocks but I don't care anymore
Because the poison they fed me tastes so sweet
I won't cut down the trees
Just ship our bodies out to sea
With coffins they made from our trees
Track Name: Breakfast With Flynn
It's fucked up that I could hate him this much
But give me two more drinks and maybe I'll be too numb to care at all
We were doing great until this child came and took my place
Now all I do is drink and sleep but I can't force myself to leave
So cheers to my friends spending Friday nights alone
Cheers to all these people drinking bottles on their own
Now everyone knows I'd never hurt you
Lets just hope that someone with a broken heart, no conscience, and a fist
Doesn't hate you half as bad as I do
Track Name: Teeth
I've got splinters in my feet
And I've got glass in my teeth
I'm sorry
This tongue always leads me wrong
Now I'm stuck in my room and I'm on my own
Fuck this, fuck them, I don't care what they think, and I never did
Fuck this, fuck them, I don't care how he feels about this
And I'm sorry
I'm not broke just yet
Track Name: Punch
I've been falling short again
I've been losing my mind again
I've been falling short again
I've been letting you down again
Like that night I punched my friend Mike
Maybe he was just trying to give me advice
But I jump to conclusions, you know I always do
I'm sorry for never coming through
But it's too late, for me to come to
I'm sorry for the way I treated you
Track Name: Drag
You keep me at arms reach
Just like the cancer that I take when I can't sleep
I keep shotguns for arms
I know I'm a drag to be around
Well this tree is growing out of my head
And it's keeping me from walking to my car again
I've got branches growing out of my eyes
She said "Crack a smile just this once. Could you make yourself happy just this once"
I know I'm a drag to be around
Could you crack a smile for me?

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